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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Do you feel relieved in strange environments when people are respectfully masked and showing value for their lives and others? I was thinking… although new to most and estranged from normalcy, masks are quite fashionable and help to save lives. I often examine the intricate design on the masks marveling and running my fingers over their finesse and how precisely placed each sequence in each mask is with the flashy or subtle colors and patterns.  Fact is, whether fancy or simple a mask will protect although protection is less guaranteed with flimsier, fancier masks. Masks are quite intriguing to deconstruct and many people I encounter pose questions that now prompt me to write this blog. I was thinking of the history of masks…back in the 1800s, even the romanticisms behind selecting fabrics and sewing masks.[i] I tried to hand stich a mask last year and it was a peculiar and laborious undertaking. See the mask I made in the comment section (and be kind). It’s more a keepsake to applaud my genius than to be functional. But I designed my mask (last March I believe), during the worst of the pandemic when aesthetics became essential if I were going to be subjected to wearing masks. Lol.

I was thinking how intriguing it is that masks cover the mouth and nose forcing us to be quiet and speak mostly with our eyes so that we see and cogitate contexts and pretexts before speaking. And it’s amazing how doleful the eyes can appear when the nose and mouth are covered. I’m passionate about most things but optimistic and cheerful. Yet, I notice how a beautiful mask could make my eyes look pensive (okay, I’m not a selfie expert) but I’m trying to accurately capture my moments. Perhaps my eyes expose my soul that even I am unfamiliar with and the world is peeking and extracting inaccurate stories from misinformed pinnacles. Are you familiar with your soul or even know you have a soul? Its sobering to remember that masks are symbols of our personalities and may not always be the fabrics we wear but our words, smiles, handshakes etc. Is it a guilty indulgence that we can grimace remorselessly at others even strangers we do not know while masked up? How about colleagues or those that incessantly irk your soul? Looks like the eyes need nose and lips to relay candid, impartial stories. Albeit, I was thinking that masks are beautiful facades we show others in our smiles and thumbs-ups that perhaps reveal or conceal who we really are and wish to be.  And may be necessary at awkward times. Since we often laugh when we really should cry.  And we circumvent truths albeit the world is often unsupportive, and we must protect ourselves. But how can we offer or receive empathy when genuinely needed if we say, “I’m okay” from behind the lovely facades of masks? I’m guilty! We all are, and I Love the fashionable facades that often hide hushed giggles or avert caustic stories!  Hasn’t our world dramatically changed? Well, no use whining when we can zoom around the world and hopefully manipulate change. I challenge you (male and female) to a fun exercise of sewing a mask. And think of why you chose the design, fabric or color.  But try my recipe[ii] and listen to this song I really like, “Truth Be Told…” by, Matthew West[iii]. And share your thoughts! SMY.

[i] The history and value of face masks

[iii] Matthew West Truth Be Told - Google Search

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