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🎄Happy Christmas Day to you.

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

🎄Do you cook at all? Even at Christmas?

What do you like most about Christmas?

I like the fuzzy, happy feelings that blankets me from early November through end of December--the anticipation and then consummation. Albeit I don't like the climax that spells the end of the fun and festivities times.

I was thinking about the scrumptious Christmas cuisines we salivate about and pounce on with such irreverence that we even smack our libs and lick our fingers.

I remember the many dishes my mother prepared as a child. I was not a vegan then of course--so we had roasted Turkeys or hens. Sometimes ducks all herbed and stuffed with goodness and the garlic meats and cook-up rice selections. I enjoyed roasted hens. Turkeys and ducks were not my favorites. Then we had a plethora of delightful beverages: ginger beers, mauby, sorrel, five-finger, gooseberry and oh my! The perfect sponge cakes and edible fruit cakes you really enjoyed.

And we should be creative as vegans and vegetarians with fresh organic produce and making special treats from scratch. How about rice potatoes and yams, squashes, eggplants beans, spinach and kale, salads, cranberry sauce along so many more (see my cookbooks: Vols I, II and V) for ideas at

Whatever you do, create your happiness doing kind deeds and pampering yourself and be judicious with your credit cards and don't overspend.

Be creative and make fun gifts and give only what is needed. Be loved. Make today a memorable day❣

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Sheron Mingo Y
Sheron Mingo Y
Dec 25, 2020

I will.

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