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🦋 Do the Seasons Stimulate Your Indulgence in...? 🐞

Updated: 17 hours ago

Grocery shopping is a menace and a displeasure for my wallet since COVID 2020. First were scarcities in the average grocery store with shoppers elated whenever food could be

procured for daily needs. Now that availability has resumed near normalcy and supermarkets are amply stocked, shoppers still face ominous prices that provoke swearing. Of course, reasonable prices could be had with strategy and protracted travels to specific supermarkets. But this inflation is grappling and spawns budget ingenuity, creativity and harnessing for most as we must live, cook and consume to enjoy, revitalize and own life.

Hence, I navigate price hikes to access the abundance of fresh, delectable foods from the supermarket to my stovetop, pot and oven: out of my kitchen and engaged by my appetite. My five cookbooks are my lifestyle. I decide, with thought, what I will eat daily, prep and cook and consume with ardor.

I simply enjoy and repeat making my Crimson Delight beverage (carrot, ginger and tamarind, Volume lV) that’s nutritious, light, refreshing and inexpensive. I also make pizzas, lentil soups, potato rolls, pastas, banana milkshakes, chocolate cakes and more to come as 2023 evolves. Perhaps the arrival of spring has opened my appetite for all things lovely for the remainder of this year. And I love that my five cookbooks options cover breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner dessert and beverage to allow indulgences with many cuisines. I of course, share with family and friends and eat with consideration. How about you?

Do the seasons stimulate your indulgence in specific foods and beverages? I've got you covered with Vegan Delectable: Volumes l - lV recipes.

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