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Create delightful March memories with this recipe!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

An amazing March month to you! Spring is in the air!
Do enjoy this refreshing recipe while you read my blog.

We're days away from spring so get happy and remain happy. Seems utter joy to rise amidst the chorus of cheeky birds outside your window wondering whether you’re in a dream because this bliss of nature is so delightfully surreal. Or maybe your live in the city and hear busy or rumbustious footsteps of your neighbors--all music—the music of freedom. So don’t be annoyed. I have matured and evolved considerably over these past two years. Have abhorred, been abhorred and known the entrails of fear for my safety. Covid 19 has hopefully taught many of us to be introspective and receptive of each new day of life and make each our best.

Other nations are rising to run and running to rise to meet a new day. The only music they hear are the thunders of guns and aggressive feet of discords. For there is war in our world and many are dying. Pray for the helpless and remember to value life and live each day treasuring and enjoying freedom and the gift of life.

I believe happiness is the only thing we humans wish whether we’re agreeable or disagreeable.

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Not to distress you but stay informed on our current world. SMY

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