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👔Father's Day Should be...🧢

Updated: Jun 28

🧢 Father's Day should be an everyday occasion where fathers rise to the challenge and

🧢 sustain the lives they procreate, as children revere fathers with honor and gratitude. It's a beauty to see respected fathers with happy, fulfilled children.

🧢 God never ceases to be our heavenly father and do we even celebrate God on Father's Day--if not daily?  I was raised by my earthly, paternal father, but God has always been and is currently the only Father I have alive to connect with at any time--even when I transgress and fail to acknowledge His will and goodness.

🧢 Fathers add value to our universe and the proliferation of humanity whether as donors, freeloaders or forevers—forevers being fathers who value family and fatherhood and fulfill their basic responsibilities to their children. A virtuous earthly father is an irreplaceable and priceless gift from God and deserve a healthy, nonalcoholic Vegan Delectable beverage.

🧢 Enjoy this special CRG Crimson Delight beverage that is nonalcoholic and quenches the thirst of fathers and children and is healthy, easy to make and delicious for Father's Day and every day of the year. Check out Vegan Delectable: Volume lV for 110 splendid and sober beverage recipes you, family and friends will enjoy.

CRG Crimson Delight Cucumber Raspberry Ginger Crimson Delight


3 cups pressed cucumber juice

2 cups pressed raspberry juice

2 ounces pressed ginger juice

2 tbsp vanilla

4 ounces simple ginger syrup

4 cups water

6 cups ice cube

Blender, Large pitcher and fruits & vegetable slices for garnishing Needed.



Set aside ice in large pitcher.

Combine ingredients

and stir well for a nice blend of flavors. 

Strain and pour over ice in large pitcher.

Garnish servings with strawberry, cucumber and ginger slices.

Serves 12.

Raspberry Juice: Pour 1 cup water over 3 cups raspberries.

Mash with potato masher and press juice through a strainer.

Ginger Juice: Blend 1cup cubed ginger in 1/2 cup water

and press juice through a strainer.

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