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🧭A Happy, Healthy & Productive New Year To You!🎼

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Happy, Healthy & Productive New Year To You!

Enjoy my Vegan Delectable Black Bean recipe any day of the week.

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Today, Saturday 1/1/22 is one of the happiest days I'm experiencing! It's my Sabbath and the very 1st Day of this new year! Folks, I'm thinking... it's absolute euphoria

to begin a new year on the Sabbath! There must be spiritual implications in all this. And I'm conscious of the fact that 1/1/22 is a gift of calm and reflection upon God, my Father and unconditional Friend who never leaves my side. “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God” (Psalm 20:7.

This week of 12/23/21 – 1/1/22 has been a blissful experience bonding with m

yself and enjoying the surrounding calm that ushered me into a new 2022. How about you? Most people are freaked out thinking of bonding with themselves. They must have company and whether you’re coupled or single, my question is: aren’t you fantastic enough for yourself? And if you hush long enough you will feel the presence of God and know He’s got your back.

Yes, we need others because we were born social beings whether we willingly slid out or came reluctantly, fighting to leave our mother’s womb. Hence

, we need the bonding and human comfort. But realize that we were pushed and pulled from our mother’s womb—detached and the umbilical cord cut. Even twins are birthed individually. Get used to loving yourself with what you eat and wear and with relaxation and good laughs.

Here’s how I bonded with my extroverted-introverted self during the holidays.

I prayed, read my bible and meditated daily.

I cooked delectable foods that I usually have little time to prepare on a daily basis.

I tackled writing and design projects.

I enjoyed sleep for substantial amounts of time knowing my days would soon resume being hectic.

I chatted with a few acquaintances.

I shared holiday cheers with colleagues, friends and family.

I watched Family Feud (one of my favorite shows).

I discovered the brilliant comedian, Trevor Noah.

Here’s the juice about Trevor Noah: he’s an absolute joy to watch and listen to. Not only is he an intellectual genius with his comedy, but his stories are mostly clean, wide-ranging and delightfully engaging. Those who appreciate healthy humor will find him irresistible. I had given up on comedy because of how pathetic and sullied it could be. But comedians like Trevor Noah serves hope.

COVID is definitely forcing us acknowledge God and to love ourselves because of the bites of mortality and countless moments to ruminate and create changes in our lives and the world. Many of my acquaintances and people in the world skimp on healthy self-love which causes me to think and remind us of how essential self-love is and a fitting topic to begin the year.

Social media is splashed with images and stories of cel

ebrities who flew to the Caribbean to welcome in 2022 with friends. Hopefully they were safe, had their vaccinations and wore masks? Fun should never trump prudence and safety. This first day sets a precedence of calm and beauty for the remainder of my 2022. Yes. I must remain calm, reflective and united with God my Father and Friend. Got to hit those goals with a clear mind and keep on target to achieve amazing things!

How about you? How was your New Year’s Eve? See these links with some of the rich and famous ringing in the new year. I hope they exercised safety and illuminated how to wisely usher in the new year.

rds the end of this recording.

Let’s make 2022 the year we embrace resilience and optimism and conquer obstacles and succeed at our goals. Aim high for realistic goals and don’t forget the grace and power of God!

Enjoy my recipe and embrace a new year🔔

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