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Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

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Fun time to be extra thankful and take charge of your happiness🌻

You decide how happy

you wish to be and make it happen.

* Do a good deed. Y

ou will be happy you did.

* Text God If you need ideas for happiness. He created happiness and is happiness.

* Eat something special. You deserve special things.

* List things you're thankful for (your private list of course).

I'm really thankful for life. So much I need to do, and life gives chances.

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But as I live life, I realize that I should be thankful for my challenges. Challenges are often intrusive spurs for growth

that allow us to evolve and be heralds of hope for others. Also, inspiration and ambition will push us to our limits where we meet resilience and champion mishaps. We're all so unique for a purpose.

Easier said than done!

I habitually whine and prefer a stressless life and I have nurtured this ritual where I instinctively look upwards (give God the questioning eye,) if I stump my toe or waste modest investments on projects or beco

me mortified over a gazillion errors.

And we could argue that mishaps should not occur even as we're praying on bended knees. But they do and must be for a rational reason to hone and grow us into creatures of excellence. Hence, I have learned to thank God for my countless challenges and mishaps and to ask him to reveal the lessons I must learn to become the best of me.

And fill me with thankfulness for the lessons I must learn and propagate as a beacon of hope and light. I wish this for everyone reading this blog and I thank God for today and for each new day.

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What things are you thankful for?

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