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how's your bounce back?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

A happy Labor Day weekend to all. Albeit these may not be happy times for many in our world with storms and wars and diverse threats to life beside dire working environments for many. But with hope, life's trials shall pass, and our bounce back will be stronger. GOD is with us on Labor Day or any other day and we can bounce back from presumably failed careers, undesirable work situations, illness, obesity, divorce, bigotry, hate and envy, duplicity, underachieving, bankruptcy... whatever the storms.

Arverne experienced Superstorm Sandy in 2012 but God truly is God. With no escape then, Superstorm Sandy remains the most horrifying experience of my entire life: watching murky waters insidiously cover streets and vehicles and rush into out first floor. I knew the peak of fear then and with no available reprieve (having not evacuated) wondered whether I would drown in our home and be snatched from life. My only reprieve then was to pray and wait to die. But God's people always bounce back stronger (see Psalm 55:22).

It's no ease being displaced from your home to walk cold, defaced, sullied streets (Arverne was abandoned and dingy like a battle zone after the water receded). But the National Guards came and protected our properties. Thanks to or National Guards. 🙏

The ocean was angry in 2012 and our Rockaways and Arverne boardwalk destroyed but now looks captivating and remains a tourist attraction luring tourists from worldwide--thanks to our bounce-back.

I believe that resilience, available fundings and humanitarian resources will lend a hand and help ravaged homeowners and small businesses bounce back to a better place from hurricane Ida. And although unfortunate, jobs will be created for laborers to help re-establish ravaged communities. I wish Ida victims only the best.

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