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...I just cannot decide...😉

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Do you cook at all? I was thinking...and still cannot decide which of the 3: garlic, onions or scallions I could intentionally omit when cooking🍲

I need all 3 since I’m a flavorful person and like my dishes popping with layers of flavors. There are really no calculated remedial reasons attached apart from taste. Just my preference for delightful flavor profiles🥣

I must ask, after you season with the basic salt, sugar, pepper and other herbs, which of these 3 is your must-have in a savory dish?

Garlic pops with flavor and ignites your cuisine. Onions pack pungent tanginess whether cooked or raw in each dish and scallions are truly a fusion of onion and garlic where aroma and flavor is concerned and can be used cooked or raw. But I have always cooked will all 3 ingredients and although at times I may omit one due to its absence in my refrigerator I really prefer to use all 3.

I have cooked 🍲with just garlic and herbs, or onions and herbs or scallion and herbs and had delightful results, but I have never had to deliberately choose just one. I’m a spicy person and the more I ponder the more I realize that I must have all three unless one is absent from my refrigerator.

🍲What is your must-have of the 3 when cooking🥣

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