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I Was Thinking…

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Happy New Year! Although the year is swiftly vanishing.

I Was Thinking…Isn't life and love ambiguous like the winter: sometimes sunny on the inside yet cold once you step outside? And sometimes like a sudden hail so you grab an umbrella. Sometimes life and love come trendy and cozy for love nesters. Nonetheless, most are prudent to wear gloves, hats, scarves and coats to brave the weather for opportunities with career, family and friends. Most don’t hide behind locked doors and forfeit occasions to learn, evolve and earn. Most usually absorb the sunlight hurrying to and from since the living must and most never think of perpetually quitting the weather since the weather is life!

Most enjoy the sunshine and brave the hail and freeze and challenge life whether love is dubious, careers are stagnant, or gym visits are infrequent. Most are wise to seize optimism and live life with the good and ugly: tears or laughter. Most eventually champion life and enjoy success living life to know and own life and will acknowledge God if he is the champion of their life.

I believe that the essence is to be the best of you and be genuine and gracious to others regardless of whether you are a Christian. Enjoy this world and celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t let disappointments diminish your value of love and life. Be judicious and resilient when you are wronged but leave vengeance to the law and the Almighty One. Dare to love again when you have been robbed of love or you may never experience or be the essence of love. I believe that to live life and aptly love others, you must know and love you. You must be lovely and empathetic even as an evolving fallible who accepts self in its entirety (with perfections and imperfections), like no other mortal may ever accept or love all of you.

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