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Invest In Your Vocational Orgasm💼

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Please permit my creative cogitations in this blog since I’m inspired to pen my thoughts as they flow, and I will. But the prospect of profiting from one’s vocational talent and passion is indeed orgasmic recompence even if one must work, sweat, dodge deterrents and embrace the grind. Yes, on one’s vocational joy ride, there are indeed frustrations, joys, disenchantments, narcissists, pessimists, minor and major mercenaries to encounter and repel, all for the prospect of attaining an explosion of profit from one’s vocation. Profit for one’s expertise, the satisfaction it brings y

ou, your patrons and champions. Every sigh of satisfaction one receives is worth the pant and sweat: the highs the lows: the ultimate crescendo! It is not iniquitous for one to sweat for the success and consummation of one’s innate, professional virtuosity gifted by God if done ethically. Consider the lovely, momentous audacity of the Obamas pursuit and consummation of their Whitehouse dreams. Oprah, queen of the media, the motivational Iyanla Vanzant, Sunny Anderson, sunshine of “The Kitchen”, the talented, handsome Bobby Flay, the multitalented Mowry twins, (Tia and Tamera) who skillfully reinvents their careers, Warren buffet, Bill Gates, the successful Michael Bloomberg for failing the 2020 campaign with shameful grace, Jeff Bezos and many more…all pursuing and consummating their vocational orgasms. Adoring what one does and gaining rewards is orgasmic. Aren’t we all created with passions poised for orgasmic explosions? Have you written that book? Have you gained that promotion? Have you damned your callous vocational oppressors and suppressors? Have you attempted to improve your earning potential? Have you gained that desired degree? Have you looked in the mirror and embraced all of what you see with zeal to make necessary changes and impact others? Do you see skin c

olor and deterrence or ethical exquisiteness? Have you given that motivational speech that could be a lifeline for someone? With the power of God Almighty, I’m pursuing and removing all obstacles for my vocational orgasm. How about you? I have realized that regardless of how appealing it may seem, one must remove what obstructs one’s vision and vocational orgasm. Orgasmic explosion need not always typify the romantic grind, or most would be grinding voids! Do secure a copy of one of my cookbooks and savor something delectable while you share your thoughts. SM, Y

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