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🪴Spring has sprung and the world is lighter

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

🪴Spring has sprung and the world is lighter for longer and happier being lighter. Enjoy the air of newness and revitalized life. Perennials will burst forth birthing hope and expectations for greater things to come. Vivid flower festivals and pastel runways with flair will pervade and gratify our eyes and hearts. Spring brings anticipation and the taste of love for budding and consummated romantics.

Spring is life and we must live beautiful lives—yes, we spar malignancies and vices but we must thrive in moments and own our world. It’s the only way to live and grace this earth as God lets us. Imagine we are flowers that breathe and breed—the consummate of bad and good and we have the choice to be good and impact those we love, meet and lead to frame our legacies. 🪴

Spring heralds a superfluity of foods to taste and drink. Hence culinary virtuosos rightfully must flaunt exotic menus and their kitchen dexterity. A dazzle of delectable hues on your plate delights your palate and makes beverages picturesque and oh, too ornate to gulp—so you cradle and take lingering sips until servers quickly refill. 🪴

Try my Kale Cucumber Ginger Emerald Delight in Vegan Delectable: Volume lV and enjoy the greenness of spring. My Kale Cucumber Ginger Emerald Delight is light and delectable, and my recipe allows copious refills. 🪴

Kale Cucumber Ginger Emerald Delight

Ingredients Grater, Blender and Large Pitcher Needed.

2 cups pressed kale juice 4 cups pressed cucumber juice 1 ounce pressed ginger juice P13 1 ounce pureed lime zest 1 tbsp vanilla 3 cups water 4 ounces ginger simple syrup P75

6 cups ice cubes

Mix Set aside ice in large pitcher. Combine ingredients and stir well.

Strain and pour over ice in medium pitcher and enjoy.

Serves 12

Cucumber Juice: Grate 4 large cucumbers

and press juice through strainer or cheesecloth.

Kale Juice: Blend 6 cups Julienned kale with

2 cups water and press juice through strainer

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