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🌼Spring Is a Time for Delights🥭🍹

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

The world is a canvas and spring unfurls indelible, picturesque images of cherry blossoms, daffodils and more to vivify our days.

Smell the delightful blossoms and fresh earth that beget beginnings to rouse and ready you for a new summer. Enjoy the myriads of hues and perfumes at your reach as you walkabout, observe, breathe and poke the atmosphere. Bloom and dare to grasp your dreams and try new foods and ventures.

Spring is truly a time for delightful foods with friends and family. Your body deserves healthy, delectable treats. Your body is your best asset as it homes your intellect, notions and motions. So nourish your body with wholesome enjoyable treats from my Vegan Delectable cookbooks. Hope you like mangoes and celery. Both are refreshing in beverages and when cooked or eaten raw.

You will love my Celery Mango Emerald Delight from Vegan Delectable: Volume lV. It’s light and lovely. Quenches my thirst—will quench your thirst too and is enjoyed springtime and all year-round.

Celery Mango Emerald Delight


2 cups pressed mango juice

4 cups pressed celery juice

1 tbsp pureed lime zest

1 tbsp vanilla

3 cups water

3 ounces ginger simple syrup P75

6 cups ice cubes

Grater, Blender, Cheesecloth and Large Pitcher Needed.


Set aside ice in large pitcher.

Combine other ingredients and stir well.

Strain and pour over ice in large pitcher and enjoy.

Serves 12!

Mango Juice: Grate 3 large mangoes and press juice through strainer or cheesecloth.

Celery Juice: Blend 6 cups julienned celery hearts with 2 cups water and press juice through a strainer.

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