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...the perfect canvas 🗒

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I was thinking… Just heard a bird whistling outside my window as I work remotely, and I broke into a blissful smile. 🌻Nature is

indeed serene and beautiful🦋 I’m thinking of a hike through a beautiful meadow surrounded by

waving trees 🌳🌳and a picturesque sky. I'm aimlessly walking, absorbing nature and writing poetry or a captivating story, or a delectable recipe. Perhaps I'm taking a nap under the expansive azure at some point (no bugs please)!!! Then I happen upon a brook and allows its cooling water to quench my thirst and massage my feet🍃 Then perhaps I reach into my backpack for a vegan delectable biscuit, or a decadent sandwich and mocktail🍹. God had the perfect canvas when he created this earth. And although I live the daily reality of bricks and noisy traffics, I wish to enjoy as much as possible of God’s creation🏞 SM, Y.

PS: Mosquitoes would be a deal breaker for my placid walk. I cannot stand those heartless, pesky rogues!!! What do you think?

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