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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I was thinking… 🍃🍂I’m in love with fall and winter. Yes, the days are now darker and colder. Yes. But hey, there are cozy cups of teas, chocolate milks, delectable soups, pastries and lots to comfort the soul. So, grab a set of my Vegan Delectable cookbooks and remember send as gifts to family, friends and associates and let's cook (moderately though, watch your abs) since we need not bother about the summer heat.

We now can swaddle in blankets and sleep blissfully! And it’s so romantic to read during

the winter with a steamy beverage☕ Not to mention, the thrill of fashion, (masks now the new lure or abhorrence)—"the new normal.” Goodbye sweltering summer heat, sweat and AC. Welcome beautiful autumn hues and cascading leaves that massage and kiss our feet! I love you! God is so awesome to gift us the seasons since just as the heat becomes insufferable, we fall into autumn’s utopia. So thrilled am I to be alive in the moment of this minute acknowledging the autumn of 2020. My capricious, tenacious, benign heart wishes that this moment of rhapsody would befit eternity and I the favored mortal could revel in its perpetuity (excuse my willful writing, but I'm enjoying myself with no cares for perfection. Not in this moment).

Hey world, time is our evolution and the universe has morphed into new norms in transitory months while shocked we adjust. Let’s conquer COVID 19 by protecting ourselves and being considerate of others.  We must spin moments of pain and havoc into resilient waltzes where we purposefully reinvent ourselves and impact the world and evolve renewed from each grimace. We must spin our moments of joy into euphoric waltzes and bless the universe with our smiles and graces. Someone needs our benevolence and smiles and graciousness could save a day. Let’s fall into autumn’s euphoria! Let’s fall in love and stop hating each other.

SM, Y🌺

Share your thoughts, what’s your favorite season/s of the year?

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