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What's Your Take on Cooking🥄?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I was thinking! Creating new recipe samples is a thrill, especially since I personally enjoy my culinary creations and know that I create masterful recipes that delight tasters and those purchasing

my cookbooks. I’m not creating picturesque facades that really are inedible disasters that make even me cringe behind closed doors (humor is good, laugh, laugh.) 😂 But sharing my recipes is noble since everyone can indulge, comment and create with me.

Be assured, my recipes are vibrant with delightful taste profiles since thought and care go into each recipe and I taste with a diagnostic fork and have others sample what I create before publishing my cookbooks🥰

I prefer smaller servings since gratification need not always be based off of size, but off freshness, quality, taste and variety. I believe also that whatever we do should be done with purpose and distinction which is also biblical🙏🏼 I personally prefer cooking twice weekly and don't mind eating repeats of my creations whether biscuits, soups, entrees, desserts, beverages, mocktails, etc. See my cookbooks and these recipe blogs.

Freeing time to read, write, laugh, discover and engage life is paramount for me since life can be exhausting when pursuing one’s goal/s. I must see the sun, feel the breeze, hear birds sing (and before COVID), run aimlessly along the beach and be inspired by nature to create and write and be rejuvenated and alive in our world. Slipping away from my manuscripts to blog about practical things with you is quite rewarding. Although, some of you respond via private emails instead of on, and I don't hear from everyone who visit my site. But leave a comment and some “likes” so I’m not so lonely on my site. Lol.

Thanks in advance and new summer recipes will be posted soon 🍽

But what say you--what's your take on cooking? Are you a chef, skilled home-cook, or a novice eager to learn the rudiments of culinary exquisiteness?

How often do you cook at home?

Variety is excellent in life, but what cuisine/s do you enjoy?

Cooking is, should and can be an artistry and you be as adroit or minimal as you wish once you're pleased with your culinary creation. You need only to cook and express your artistry—it is good exercise and you know what you're eating.

Stay safe.

Check out my current cookbooks on amazon and do write a nice amazon " book review", or an "author's well wish" if you do not have my books to cheer my efforts. Thanks. SMY😊

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