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🍲Each Thanksgiving Feast Is a Welcomed Lure

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

🍂 Happy Thanksgiving 2023 to you, family and friends!

🍂Most look forward to meeting with family and friends and giving thanks for life and opportunities.

🍂Some partake in outreach activities,  gatherings at home, halls and at places of worship. Some have no places to go and some simply enjoy the festivities alone.

🍂No matter where folks meet, each Thanksgiving feast is a welcomed lure with countless oohs and aahs! Friends and family chatter about their favorite treats and what they will enjoy once the table is lain.

🍂 Get my Vegan Delectable cookbook set for inspiration or holiday gifts for your family and friends. And be sure to cook yourself something special this Thanksgiving weekend regardless of whether you dine alone or with guests.

See this holiday recipe in Vegan Delectable Volume ll

This Tomato & Navy Bean Sack is delightful and filling!

📯Enjoy other Delectable recipes in

with special holiday discount prices.📯

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