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🌺 a few days

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hi there,

I was thinking...that August is over—well, in a few days.

Summer will halt its scorching days. I’m ecstatic!

Not that I despise summer, but who needs humidity when life should be temperate?

💐True that flowers are their brightest and fruits their ripest and vegetables need summer's sunshine to turn golden in their scrumptious and natural glory. And travel is most convenient and lovely without winter coats and covered heads and invisible smiles obscured from our parades of masks (those of us who live cautiously don our masks.)

Then comes the bugs and flies that dominate summer pestering and buzzing in everybody’s business causing havocs. And thank heavens for ACs (not all countries seem to have these AC coolers as noted this summer. UK e.g.,) since stripping may not relieve unrelenting clammy, body heat and hydrate becomes everyone’s refrain.

And summer days dally then end abruptly with the sun still in the sky. The set is a sudden decline that brings the shadows of night. Hence, the fun you enjoy miles away must straightaway end with dashes for home.

I could be optimistic and not whine since I do appreciate some summertime glee and flourishing kitchen gardens that replete many pantries with organic freshness. Think of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, carrots, corn, strawberries and much more—all aromatic, vivid and yummy. 🍅🌶️🍆


And let’s not forget the sizzling fashions that delight and astonish--grabbing our yeas and nays--that can only be ogled (often inconspicuously) each summer-- those harmoniously and unharmoniously-barely clad.

Fact is, I’m betrodden to fall, winter and spring. The cool is as intentional as I am—all the fashion without the heat and you can layer and move about and be. Not to mention the festivities and coziness the holidays bring with delectable foods and laughter. Good for commerce and shoppers. SuperMementosYea Shop! l Vegan Cookbooks & Vegan Recipes, Totes, Tees, Mugs.

What’s your favorite season of the year?

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