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🍁 Autumn May Be The Best Season Of The Year. 🍂

Updated: Apr 8

Autumn heralds a change in hues and cuisines and much anticipation for sweet and savory pies, cookies and puddings that warm hearts for the holidays and throughout a picturesque autumn. Autumn may indeed be the best season of the year.

The earth gifts canopies of ruby and emerald hues that indulge eyes everywhere. And all proclaim how rustically laudable browns and earthy colors are. Musicians play, singers sing, poets proclaim, artists paint and draw and Photographers capture endless footages of nature’s magnificence.

Even when families aren’t near or dear, food comforts and elevates the holidays. Thanksgiving is big on my list because of the aromas filling the kitchen and entire house. I fantasize about cozy nights reading, munching goodies and sipping spiced teas. I delight my palate with reason and care for my body.

Then there is Christmas filled with lights and festivities and full of religious glory and praise to God. Many become pious and visit a church during December. Many who don't are ardent decorators flaunting, bedazzling decors throughout neighborhoods for warranted praise.

Don’t forget New Year's Eve watching the ball drop and New Year's Day when we charge forward to grasp a new year. Many people scrub their homes, body and souls, and pack pantries to begin a new year refreshed and replenished.

Expect holiday recipes in my next posts. But it’s time to grab copies of my five Vegan Delectable cookbooks to prepare for the holidays.

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