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🥣 Oatmeal Seems The Versatile And Sought After Staple

Updated: Mar 13

🥄 What’s cooking in your February kitchen? Oatmeal seems to be the versatile and sought after staple for baking and breakfast needs. 🥄


🥣 Oatmeal is rich in fiber and low in calories and balances carbohydrates.

🥣 Oatmeal is the perfect solution for diabetics and anyone omitting flour and starch from dining experiences.

🥣 Oatmeal is robust and filling yet gluten-free.


See lovely must-try breakfast and brunch variations in Vegan Delectable: Volumes II and V.

 🥄 Your palate will be delighted.

🥄 Your stomach will be gratified.

🥄 Your family and friends will praise your renderings.

🥄 You will be crowned a culinary genius.

Enjoy 100 vegan delectable recipes with over a dozen appetizing breakfast and brunch oatmeal recipes.

Enjoy 80 vegan delectable lunch recipes with over half a dozen savory lunch and dinner oatmeal recipes.

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