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…grip reality🤷🏼‍♀️

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I was thinking…and decided to share that you should not feel dejected should you be alone this Thanksgiving Day. Just grip reality and pamper yourself. Maybe help a friend and swap aloneness for friendship and gladness. Take a leisure stroll and count the wild flowers. Create a spa day or enjoy a movie. Journal or write sweet poetry. Read an engaging book or dance to music. Cook delectable foods and feast your fill! Savor a mocktail or tropical beverage🍹 (see my Vegan Delectable: Volumes I-V cookbooks) But manage reality. Pray! Do you pray? I do daily--its my therapy. Call on God: he is real🙏

Call a few encouraging friends too. I believe reaching out to others is an effective balm. No need to mope. No need for melancholy. Be the delight of your life. If you are with family or friends be mindful of COVID19 and protect yourself. Stave off the negative energies (even from family), with a sweet, sanguine attitude. Control your atmosphere so everyone is conditioned for contagious happiness. And of course, try a few of my Vegan Delectable recipes🍽

Perhaps read these articles I stumbled upon?

I have family (albeit we’re cantankerous at times), lol. I’m also fortunate to have “a few” unconditional friends. But, without being narcissistic, I truly love and accept myself in a healthy way. 😊I strive for self-growth and becoming the best I can be professionally and as a lovely creature—although this may be a slow process, folks—just saying. But the absolute truth is, if you cannot appreciate, treasure and protect yourself, you will be lonely and disconsolate even with family and friends around 24/7. 😎So be thankful for today and how lovely you are and what positive and tangible difference you can and will make in this world! “Happy Thanksgiving!” SM, Y

👀Why not share your take on happiness or expelling aloneness?

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