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🐛...I'll slip into my cocoon🦋

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

🤗Hi there, have been busy, yet quite lethargic (no lies). But separately, I was chatting with a friend and I'm learning to value lessons from mishaps and focus less on grumbling. I have made countless mistakes and have witnessed others make mindboggling mistakes and we must learn from mishaps. Fact is, having interacted with the gracious, the snobbish, the hypocritical, the sweet and pious, (and I just, oh so audaciously wonder if we all don’t have vices dormant or actively inhabiting our souls). LOL. Yes, I have met a few generous, kind and pious persons, but I have never met another human on this earth who is flawless, including me. We’re all flawed creations of wonder and prone to do wrongs! It truly is God that keeps me grounded; although, I don’t always thank him🙏🏼 (google Psalm 32:8-10). I was thinking...we become mesmerized romantics and race after beautiful butterflies in green pastures with fresh dew on our feet and the ☀️luminous sun petting our skins🦋 We throw back our heads and gaze, and laugh, and sing in awe chasing, hoping a butterfly would alight and grace our outstretched arms and fill us with comeliness. For who can encounter a butterfly and not be elevated above highs or lows? But we forget that God created that butterfly. We forget that there was a cocoon with time and metamorphosis before the enthralling beauty.... And I wonder whether we shouldn’t slip into our own cocoon like caterpillars 🐛and shed layers to morph into awesomeness🦋 Imagine a world of humans who each intentional evolve into ethical awesomeness. Would this be earthly utopia? Don’t know about you, but we must make life beautiful, so I’ll slip into my cocoon and in time evolve a beautiful butterfly🦋 Wow! But wait, with longevity since I believe those magnificent butterflies are short-lived (do research and share this fact with me) and beauty should be perpetual. But I mention this metamorphosis because of God’s grace that continually transforms. Life is often messy and would be an chronic confusion without God’s compassion and the beauty he shines. It’s a blessing to be loved unconditional by the perfect God who created me🙏🏼 When mishaps strike, and life is a puzzle I cradle my breasts and look into God’s eyes and am loved💛 He is so unconditional I wish I were less of a rebel. It truly is reassuring to find consistency and contentment in God’s love and to sit still and feel God’s calming, encompassing arms holding me, cradling me, lifting me: higher, higher, higher above my blunders (google Romans 8:28). How about you? Share your thoughts. SM,Y

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