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🌼It's a lovely weekend!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

🌷Happy observance weekend to everyone observing Ramadan, Passover or Easter. Did you watch the Easter parade? Out goes most of the religious emphasis. It's all fashion and treats for easter. Even those who attend services don on fancy garbs (albeit most of us are guilty) that distracts from sanctity of the service.

I remember childhood parades of the lovely frocks my mother bought me for easter and how the mature church ladies kissed my cheeks and applauded my festive looks. Then the hot cross buns, candies and ginger beers my infant belly enjoyed. Then out came the kites that soured high into sky waving vibrant, frilly wings and tails. Kites represented Jesus ascending into the heavens. Albeit teary-eyed disappointments for kids if kites were constructed too heavily and never ascended into the heavens.

In the Us, Easter also reminds us that spring is here and that we should pause to enjoy the flowers. Isn’t it amazing that flowers often appear in the worst places and untilled soil to spread bursts of joy and beauty! We humans should do the same. Yellow flowers are not my first preference, but they're lovely nonetheless and fulfill their purpose. I’m a Christian and a firm believer that God created lovely flowers--in countless species and effervescent colors. He knew humans would wreck the world and needed natural bursts of beauty everywhere. Thank God for the perennials. These flowers are from my yard but check out the Macy’s flower show at and try my Hot Cross Bun recipe!

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