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⏳June is Here with Half the Year Gone🔔

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

weekly r&r🎁

I was thinking… I’ve noticed how time is rushing on with minutes turned into hours and hours into days and days into weeks and weeks into months! I’m exhausted just sharing this. Sloooooow down… June is here with half the year gone🔔 What's the rush? I cannot fathom how, where time goes. I do know that I often get the Sunday blues since I cannot harness Saturday's and slow the weekends. I’m rarely ready for Mondays since Weekends are fleeting treats that teases you each Friday into thinking that you have 2 entire days for weekly r&r. Truth is, my life is hectic with no hope of copious respite in the near horizon (but it’s all good for progress). So, what do I do? Friday sunset to Saturday sunset are the best (I’m a devout Seventh Day Adventist Christian). I close my laptop, pamper myself, and enjoy the Sabbath hours, meditating, enjoying Christian music and uplifting sermons. I talk with and question God who so graciously forgives my audacity. Rest and relaxation gives r&r that replenishes and free my body and soul and is the best time of week for me. I truly can tune into my inner thoughts to cogitate an

d thrive in my unrushed, exclusive moments of r&r. Apart from networking, professional events and special stuff, I’m sort of a recluse. Although imperfect and discovering my way, I love me and don’t mind alone time with me for r&r and to reflect and project. So COVID 19 gives me ready excuses to hibernate and focus unwaveringly on my projects and where I should be. I do connect sporadically with acquaintances to keep civility and humor afloat, for innately, we are truly social beings. And as much as we need to taste our food, we do need to see, touch, smell and hear others. Cell phones malfunction after a year or two. Computers need replacement every few years. Our bodies need respite from weekly stress, or we will be prematurely replaced. And I’ve got books to write for you to buy and enjoy. Lol. So, I neeeeeed my weekly r&r to create vivid, alluring writing. —SM,Y

How about you? Is time rushing by for you? Do you allow yourself weekly r&r?

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Sheron Mingo Y
Sheron Mingo Y
Jul 02, 2020

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