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⚘♥️look into your mirror⚘♥️

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

♥️Look into your mirror and embrace the love you see today and always❣

I was thinking...why not call a few persons and share platonic love regardless of whether you have romantic love❓

⚘Lets celebrate today and each day of life and fill the world with our love for we love others best when we graciously love ourselves⚘

I don't mean being altruistic or mindlessly romantic and getting hurt. I mean offering genuine love to family, friends and colleagues. The returns will be a blessing⚘

And don't forget God. God only, receives the uttermost depth of my love♥️🙏🏽

Good jesting and laughter with family and friends are healthy engagements. Enjoy these quotes!

♥️Much love for today and always from SMY ♥️💐

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Sheron Mingo Y
Sheron Mingo Y
14 feb 2021

Share your thoughts about platonic love.

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