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...🌷May flowers🌻

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

☔April showers have brought May flowers🌻🌺 that will last all summer. Thank You God for creating and sustaining nature. Was thinking of the rain and how the cycle of life works. Got to 💧water the earth and keep the soil moist and fresh with oxygen and nitrogen to vivify the diverse hues of flowers. Then the rain is so unambiguous; it falls evenly on all flowers to be sure all heads, butts and sides are watered. There is also the bit about salts that flavor the roots of our flowers and plus, the rain washes away the impurities and allows the soil to breathe and then comes the beautiful flowers that color the world and spawn a trillion smiles. I love flowers, especially those with pastel colors and orchids are also unique and beautiful.  😏I’m no scientist, meteorologist or horticulturist, but it seems rain=water=carbon dioxide=carbohydrate and this all=photosynthesis.

Google Psalm 96:11-12. God is the genius and his 🏞creation and conservation of our universe are beyond comprehension. See Psalm 95:4-6. Yes, we need April rains and May flowers in our lives. Could we survive a world without rain and flowers🌷? It's how the rain washes away the muck and brings’s how our lives should be filled with flowers after the rains that are often torrential making us weep and run for shelter or we open a collage of umbrellas ☔🌂 to dismiss or pleasant the rains. Some plain some beautiful and picturesque that we collect from travels around the world for daintified life and give beauty amidst torrential rains 🌊. Sometimes the

rains are gentle like a spouse kissing the lips and then most won't mind and walk with amorous smiles catching raindrops or tilting beautiful, frilly umbrellas and whispering to the rain "God is good. We are loved." This rain analogy parallels the oxygen we extract from the rains in our lives. I love it! And watch me bloom as a lovely flower this spring and summer. Hey God, thank you for the rains in my life, (but please don’t send too many rains if possible). But if rains will make me bloom brighter then rain on and I'll walk under your umbrella so my bloom whispers, forever and I remain a beautiful flower. Read this article I found that explains the necessity of rain for flowers🌻 Perhaps rain pours unto our heads an apt metaphor for life.

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