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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

How are you on this Snowy, NY day? I was thinking …that January is now over. Gone! Is it just me or was that too swift a passing of time for the hourglass  Think I will keep abreast with my projects or otherwise fall miserably behind. I’m still recovering from Nov/Dec 2020. But no way will I allow a new year to manipulate me. Maybe you are unwavering and keep on target with time. But for the rest of us mortals with piles of projects on our heads, lets urge us on and annihilate the countless challenges of completing timely projects😎

🖥TV is one forbidden treat I have surrendered since I am a chronic TV watcher of "Beat Bobby Flay" and a few other shows. Bobby is quite intriguing and an exceptional cook and I derive great pleasure seeing him win and lose. The show is really a pleasant retreat for me. Problem is, I have a hectic schedule and Bobby Flay is already eminent but only few know Sheron Mingo, Y. So 5 hours watching this handsome dude will not deliver me success. Just saying. Hence time-management is crucial to curb overindulgences🧭

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plateaus seem realistic. For achieving each, I enfold me and wink at the best of myself smirking in the mirror! Happy to spawn my traces on the epistle of fleeting time and new beginnings. The world really needs you! Us! So, be happy and continue to spawn your trace/s of history! And be sure to manage your time. I blog to inspire and chat with you. Also to ruminate about and implement in my life what I share in each blog. Hey, check this web link for nuggets on time management🧭

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Sheron Mingo Y
Sheron Mingo Y
Feb 02, 2021

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