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turn disadvantages into advantages...

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

🎆Happy New Year! to you🍰

Read the ending first😉 Still fleshing out my thoughts for this blog but was urged (incessantly), to post. So here goes and I will tweak when time permits.

🥁 I was thinking…I can barely wait for fall 2021 to return the holidays. And that since time cannot be contained, we must drift with time or trot along and not flounder behind. So much I did not accomplish during 2020 and regrettably, I did not share new recipes with you but life gives no rewinds! Truth is, I did accomplish what God knew I could which become an enormous full-circled 2020 accomplishment.

I appreciate my published cookbooks  and know that my recipes truly taste as delectable as they look. But since I'm not Bobby Flay, Joanna Gaines, Michael Obama or Oprah Winfrey, I must promote my books aggressively and know that drips do fill oceans! I was dreadfully behind schedule in 2020 but will grip tenacity in 2021 and move forward. Perhaps like an awkward ballerina chancing intricate pirouettes, wiser to manage the spins in an untried year. And glammed up in my tutu pointing

my pointe shoes at new perspectives and realistic timelines. I'm exhausted, but excited to bring you new and intriguing work during 2021 so follow me on amazon to see what will be shared for summer and fall.

I plan to live life and not have life live me. I must rewrite and right my circumstances—change perspective to conquer. And the sagas that stab and mean to throttle and debilitate must be confronted and obliterated. And each new year gives opportunities to rewrite and turn disadvantages into advantages. And with God, be your bolster of self to live life and make a difference. Its how we can share wisdom and benefit others.

A healthy dose of selflove is key though! No apologies friends. I won’t stop loving myself (faults and all) since there’re so many who don’t show love which makes my love of me blatant, introspective, sincere and beautiful. Plus, God commands us in Matthew 22: 39 to love ourselves. And in lo

ving me, I can heal my wounds and love others, but I can never love others more than myself. The world has assaulted me, and I have often retaliated and eventually recovered. You must, I must, have a healthy love of self. Okay! And I don’t mean being egotistical, pompous and inconsiderate. I mean valuing yourself enough to frequently evaluate and effect change and evolve into a lovely, humane creature regardless of how educated or wealthy you are. What do you think of this blog?

Was thinking...lets each do something monumental this year. And yes, rewrite disadvantages into advantages—the seemingly sought and dreaded (New Year’s Resolution), as often as necessary to match your reality and impetus. Who's counting when its survival of the fittest! Hey, see whether these articles interest yo

u and what Bill Gates says about success as you coin your 2021 resolutions and rewrite your disadvantages into advantages. Why not read what I found about resolutions and share yours also:

Hey, Happy New Year! And do drop me a line.

And don't fuss about watching the ball drop alone. Don't you know 1/2 (if not more), of couples and married people don

't even like each other and are alone??? Hey, just eat something delectable, call some friends and thank God for life and a new year🌿⌛ and don't devalue or compromise yourself for company. Its okay to begin a new year with you🙏🏼


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